Kasauli Castle

Sunrise Point Kasauli

Kasauli has always fascinated people with its unparallel charm and bespoke natural beauty. There are so many places that will woe your heart and will make you carve more for the place. One such attraction of the town is Sunrise Point Kasauli. Situated on the Lower Mall, 350 meters ahead of Ros Common, sunrise point is a place where amazing sunrise can be viewed without any obstruction. Formerly, the place was known as Hawa Ghar, due to the steady air currents swaying year round. All you need is take a small walk through the lower mall and you will come across a point that is pristine and sapphire.

The timing of the sunrise varies throughout the year, as the size of days and nights changes. This is the reason; tourists throng this place at different times to witness the most amazing sunrise in North India. The Sunrise point offers real romantic and splendid views of the nature’s bounties bestowed on Kasauli.

From the sunrise point, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Chandigarh city and the surrounding areas. The rising sun amidst the hills of the Shivalik makes them glitter and add to their charm. This not only increases the beauty of the hills but also provides a soothing feel to the individuals witnessing the sunrise. With so much to offer, taking a walk, early in the morning to the sunrise point is worth it.

Come to the town and be part of quit and small town which is set in the Backdrop of Himalayas and experience the natural trails for the long and cheerful walk.

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