Kasauli Castle

Kasauli Weather

  • Summers – Maximum 28°Celcius and Minimum 14°Celcius.
  • Winters – Maximum 14°Celcius and Minimum 2°Celcius or less.
  • Monsoons – Low rainfalls, best season to visit.
  • Snowfall – December, January February *

The climate is very salubrious with summers very pleasant and winters very cool with occasional snowfall. The town represents nature at its purest form and it is worth a visit. The best time to visit is from April to November as the weather is very pleasant in these months. It is best advised to book the hotels prior to your visit to avoid any hustle at the later stage. In the peak season, many hotels offer various adventure activities like trekking, hiking and much more that can make your holiday more interesting.

Current Weather of Kasauli

* Snowfall depends on weather conditions of these months.