Kasauli Castle


I went to Kasauli in the monsoons and experienced something I had never before, we could actually touch and feel the clouds and felt as if we were walking right past them. Luscious green forests and the fragrance of wet soil in a peaceful environment was simply amazing.

Our stay in the Castle Resort was a comfortable one; the hotel staff was very helpful and ever cheerful. Decent, clean and well furnished rooms with a television; was all we needed when it poured real heavy outside. We enjoyed the rains with tea and hot yummy pakoras.

Hardev, New Delhi

The idea of having our monthly official meeting in Castle Resort was just perfect. Both our stay and meeting was arranged in the same hotel, beautiful rooms and a spacious conference hall, well kept equipments and good internet connectivity. The food was indeed very good and the services too.

A beautiful view of the hills and the valley from the rooms and live music in the evening after the meeting was simply very relaxing and it felt more like a holiday than work. Thank you HR team, keep arranging such meetings.

Sumeet, Chandigarh

Our trip to Kasauli this summer was wonderful, this was the first time our kids had a camping experience. The tents, the bon fire, cooking Maggie, trekking in the jungle and everything was so nice and a beautiful experience.

Ramesh Kumar, Patiala

We had a week’s trip and stayed in Resort throughout. This 3 star hotel actually lives up to its standards. Clean and tidy rooms, polite and helpful attendants, any time service and good food everything was very nice. I would always come back to this hotel.

Neha, Ropar

I was here with my family for a vacation and was thoroughly enjoying myself, when I suddenly got a call from my office asking me to immediately submit a project report. My internet connection just did not work from the time I landed in Kasauli and I did not know what to do. Going out at 1 O’clock night to look for a cyber cafe just did not make sense, all I did was call the reception and my problem was sorted. They had the internet facility right in the room; I wish all hotels had this facility. Thank you guys.

Kamal Kishre, Amritsar

Our weekend was quiet relaxing. We went there in the summers, our whole family and though the days were warm nights were pleasant and sometimes cool. We were staying in the Family Suite at the Castle Resort; the hotel is surrounded by tall trees that drop down the temperature around the hotel even more. But for people like us who live in Delhi, we enjoyed the cool and pollution free environment completely. The hotel arranged for a bon fire and we sang and danced around it the whole night.

Aarti, Noida

We went to Kasauli for the first time to celebrate our New Years Eve and we have been going there every new year’s since then. Hotel was very welcoming and actually lived up to their “Atithi devo bhava” slogan, good DJ, variety of drinks and snacks, good food, lighting and everything you need for a good new year’s party; we had it all. We always get our bookings done a month before and every time more and more friends and relatives join us for the trip. Welcoming the New Year with a bang every time with family and friends is so much fun.

Naveen Singh, Chandigarh

Kasauli is never predictable, at one moment it is bright and sunny and suddenly it starts to rain and then it gets quiet cold so all those who have kids carry some warm clothes. My 5 year old kid caught cold and then high fever, I had no warm clothes and no medicine. I was tensed and called the reception to find if they could arrange for some medicine, to my surprise not only did they have a medicine for fever but also arranged for a doctor’s visit. Thank you KasauliCastle.

Preeti, Ambala

I always thought, one cannot enjoy to the fullest while travelling with kids, but guess what? While our stay at The Kasauli Castle Resort in Kasauli we had a blast. The hotel had a children’s play area that kept the children completely busy, we asked the staff to keep an eye on them and we with our friends enjoyed playing pool and other games in the game room.

Ritesh Gupta, Nangal

Kasauli is a beautiful hill station. Our stay at hotel way lovely, our deluxe room was all wooden and neat and the bathrooms were kept clean. The shining valley looks beautiful at night from such a height. But you have to travel some distance to see the tourist attraction places.

Ramesh Sharma, Hoshiarpur

We needed a cab and thanks to the hotel that it got one arranged for us. Their car hire service is quick and you do not have to run around to arrange for one.

Himani, Panipat

I just landed home back from my trip to Delhi, Chandigarh and Kasauli. Mumbai is hot I already miss the cool, peaceful and clean environment in Kasauli.

Goldy, Mumbai

My stay at hotel was great, the hotel amidst tall pine trees was away from all the noise and maddening crowd. I would either take a walk or sit in my room and read, hot water arrangement, fresh air from the windows, a beautiful garden and the natural fauna was very relaxing after months of work. My vacation at was only a 3 day affair this time but I plan to have a longer stay next time.

Kirti, Delhi

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