Kasauli Castle


Quiet, Peaceful and Beautiful Hill Station

Found by the British this novel like hill station is situated at a height of 6400 feet above the sea level and can be easily reached by rail, road and air. Only 90 Minutes run distance by car from Chandigarh, Kasauli is the favourite and nearest hill station they can run to whenever stressed or it’s too hot in the plains.

Even today it is a quiet, peaceful and naturally beautiful town, free from any pollution and despite of being a great tourist attraction not a concrete jungle; the reason being that it is administered by the Indian Army that restricts any new constructions in the town. Typically like other Himachal hill stations the nights here are cool and pleasant even in the summers and one can hear no other sound but the rattling of the bugs and the sounds of birds at night. The days during summers are however warm and perfect for trips to nearby places, outdoor picnics, rock climbing and other adventure activities. Taking a walk amongst the tall oak and pine trees especially in the mornings listening to the sounds of the singing birds, is certainly a treat to the ears and for all the nature lovers viewing a sun rise or a sun set from a hill top is a heavenly experience.

Hotels in Kasauli are either budget or economy so as to fit into every ones budget and provide good service for a great holiday experience, however a few 3 and 4 star hotels are just the right choice for those who would love to have an unmatchable experience. Kasauli Castle Resort, Kasauli Regency, Shivalik, Victoria Continental and some more are the few luxury and budget hotels known for their great ambiance, good food, world class service and excellent modern amenities. Most of the hotels are built in a traditional pattern with slanted roofs and wooden interiors and the best part is that all these hotels offer you a view to the natural beauty of hills completely free of cost.

Whether you are for a short break off your busy schedule with your family or a romantic vacation with your partner Kasauli can make it a memorable trip to cherish all your life. Though walking small distances in the hills could be healthy and enjoyable, it is important that one has a car of his own to commute to longer distances or you can hire a taxi that can also be arranged by your hotel. How enjoyable living amidst the woods and breathing in the fresh air could be can only be experienced when you come to this cloudy and heavenly town.