Kasauli Castle


Escape from your busy routine and your odd schedule – Enjoy the nature!

Life has become routine and we have started to work like machines. We have no time to spend with family, friends and relatives due to the busy schedule. You need to understanding that when you travel out and enjoy the nature; you can relax and get back to work with more energy and positive vibration. Exploring nature and new places is important for a happy and healthy living. If you are looking out for a nice place to spend time with your family, you have to explore the small town in Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli. People call it a paradise and heaven which is free from pollution and surrounded with beautiful flora and fauna.

Kasauli is filled with beautiful flowers, tall trees and the hill is pollution free and gives you a cleaner environment to stay in.Most people in Chandigarh and Delhi pay a visit to this beautiful town during their weekends. Kasauli is famous for its greeneries and cleaner environment which attracts many tourists world-wide. Summer is the best time to visit this place. So if you have plans to visit this beautiful town, make sure you plan it during summer holidays.

During summer, you can see a lot of visitors from all parts of the world at Kasauli. You don’t have to worry about your stay in Kasauli as you will get lot of options to stay in Kasauli. Any budget you plan, you have a place to stay here. There are many hotels and homestays available that offers you best amenities according to their standards and pricing. It is a small town that is built with modern facilities and it is also luxurious. There are many hotels available and you can choose them according to your plan and budget.

What are the major places to visit in the beautiful town?

There are quite a lot of ‘must to visit’ places in Kasauli. Sanawar is one among them which is well-known for its Lawrence School. If you want to see a beautiful place that is filled with chestnut trees and oak trees, you have to visit Dagshai. Sabthu fort that was built during the British times is also a major attraction.If you are devotional, you have to visit the Hanuman Mandir that is situated at the highest part of the hill which has Monkey point shaped like foot of Lord Hanuman.You can also visit the Christ church that was built during the British period. Finally, what is left? Do you want to do some shopping? You can visit the Mall road to have a great shopping experience. Though it is good to visit Kasauli during summer, it is a place that is pleasant round the year.