Kasauli Castle

Anglican Church Kasauli

The town was established by the Britishers during their “hey day” and to signify that era, Church stands high in Kasauli. The church was constructed in 1884 and represents the classical Gothic style of architecture. Anglican Church is one of the prominent tourist attractions of Kasauli and an inevitable place for the visitors. The church is situated on Lower Mall, very close to local Bus stand. This gothic church is a masterpiece with amazing architecture and has been built in the shape of a cross. Cited amidst the flock of pine and chestnut trees, the church offers quiet and tranquil atmosphere.

With the sitting capacity of around 30 families, Church is indeed an amazing place that you would not like to miss. The church has been brought under the aegis of CNI (Churches of North India) in the year 1970 and currently this church is being maintained by Diocese of Amritsar.

Kasauli is a small quaint town that wraps, the era that reminds of the British reign, in itself. The colonial ambience with the cobbled pathways, British architecture influenced cottages with the sweet little gardens will amaze you. The thick forest line of pine, oak, and chestnut trees surrounds the city that provide it an pristine atmosphere. When you are in the city, you can witness some of the magnificent vistas with narrow slit roads up and down hillsides and charming facades. The town has not only maintained its aesthetic appeal but also the natural flora and fauna.

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