Kasauli Castle

Monkey Point Kasauli

Monkey Point Kasauli (Manki-Point or Hanuman Mandir) is the highest point in the town that is just 4 kilometers from the Bus stand. Situated at the hill top, the place offers panoramic views that amaze the people and enchant their mind and soul. A small temple is also situated at the top of the hill, dedicated to Lord Hanuman. According to the legends, it is said that during the Ramayana, when Lord Hanuman was returning from the Himalayas by obtaining the Sanvejvani booti or the Magical Herb, his foot touched the hill. You will be amazed to know that the top of the hill is in the shape of foot.

The view from the top is gorgeous and you can get a glimpse of Chandigarh, Kalka and Panchkula from the point. The pristine flowing Satluj river appears nothing less than like a thin shining silver thread that make sure that you get a view that you will never forget. On the clear and starry night, the views of the surroundings are very beautiful.

Place is flocked with the gang of monkeys all around and roam here and there without any fear. Generally the monkeys are harmless, but it is still suggested that the tourists should be careful of their belongings and take extra care of their children. One of the main tourist attractions and with its amazing views, swaying cold breeze, hopping monkeys and pristine atmosphere will sure make you visit the place again and again.

If you want to visit this place, you must come before 5 pm because you have to walk through Air Force Station to visit this temple. Your Identity is required for verification on Air Force Station Gate. No Camera, Mobile Phones, Any other electronic item allowed after this gate. There are many food points during this walk and canteen on top of the hill where you can enjoy maggi, veg pakodas, tea, juice, cold drinks etc.

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