Kasauli Castle

Central Research Institute (CRI) Kasauli

The Central Research Institute offers the research and education courses to the undergraduates, graduates, post-graduate and doctorate levels in the field of Biological science. Visit the place and learn more about the institute and it’s working.

Other than the tourist attractions, the town also hosts an institute that is responsible for saving millions of lives. This institute is called CRI. This institute was established in the year 1905 and since its inception and till yet, it is working efficiently. This is a Premier National Institute and is engaged in many R & D activities. You might be surprised that anti-rabies inoculation was invented in this institute only and is still being made here. Furthermore, anti snake bite vaccinations are also being manufactured in the institute. In short, we can say that, this 105 year old institute has played a crucial role in saving the lives of human being by manufacturing and providing vaccines against several diseases to the nation. The Director of the Central Research Institute is an ex-officio member of DTAB. C.R.I. is Central drugs laboratory for testing of the following drugs Sera, Solution of serum proteins intended for injection, Vaccines, Toxins, Antigens, Anti-toxins, Sterilized surgical ligature and sterilized surgical suture, Bacteriophages, including Oral Polio vaccine.

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Phone Number: 01792-272060, 272059, 272114; Fax: 01792 -272049
Email ID: director@cpri.hp.nic.in(Director)

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